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Respect for the environment, is one of Barbetta’s core values. As an ethical company, Barbetta respects all applicable laws, and industry standards under which it operates, and since 1973 pays special attention to the surrounding area.

As such, the company is equipped with photovoltaic systems for pollution-free energy production, and, for ten years, has devoted all textile waste generated during production, only to companies that specialize in its effective removal and disposal.

To emphasize its natural inclination and commitment to accountability and transparency, Barbetta entered into a contractual waste management agreement for the loading / unloading of textile, hazardous and generic waste, arising from the ordinary activities of production – all in line with the requirements of the control system of waste traceability – SISTRI, established in 2009, initiative of the Ministry of the Environment, Land and Sea.

Respect the standards to respect the environment. This one principle defines the nature of the company, its work processes and production.

A clear commitment of love for the country