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Barbetta bases its professionalism and commitment on three fundamental ethical tenets: respect for the individual, respect for norms and standards, and respect for the environment.
Outstanding results are the direct consequence of our threefold value.

Respect for the individual is the main focus of the work process, especially with regard to women’s employment, widely represented in the company. Barbetta is strongly committed to encouraging the emergence of schools of higher education with the objective of maintaining, increasing and improving employment and prosperity among its employees and their families.

Compliance with environmental standards is the ethical element, which characterizes an enterprise, influences its success and propels it towards the future.
Barbetta has a strong bond with Italy, the territory in which it operates, and understands that this deep link is an element of “exponential growth” for the entire Made in Italy sector worldwide.

In an effort to uphold and promote these values, Barbetta oversees the entire supply chain of micro and ancillary companies with which it has honed lasting and transparent partnerships.
In this way, Barbetta can ensure that everyone upholds its ethical values. This standard reflects its high moral quality guarantee that comes first and foremost.

“Results are determined by respect for our employees, the standards and the environment”